How It Works

Step 1

Define your segment

Create audience segments based on any combination of demographic, geographic, economic, lifestyle, group affinity, or previous survey response criteria

Step 2

Create your campaign

Combine questions, promotions and even Facebook advertising campaigns to test concepts, activate consumers, and/or to recruit people for events or other studies

Step 3

Analyze your results

See your reports in days, sometimes hours, but not weeks. Filter results, share reports, or download data from our DIY reporting platform.

Use cases

Consumer insights


A/B Testing


Brand communities


Event invitation & survey




Sample + survey


Advertising effectiveness measurement




Happi aims to offer each client their desired balance of service and efficiency. Some clients are quite happy to develop their own surveys and do their own analysis. These clients just want Happi to provide fast, cheap and easy data collection. Other clients want us produce recommendations based on our analysis of the results to surveys we help the client develop based on their specific objectives. Still other clients want to tell us the big picture questions that interest them and for us to take on responsibility to provide a steady stream of insights relevant to those topics without constant instruction.


*) Integration with other studies (video surveys, focus group recruitment, mystery shopper, implicit studies, etc)

**) Proactive and self-guided survey creation and analysis to provide a steady stream of insights relevant to consumer segments, social issues, or market trends of strategic importance.


From tactical to strategic, clients answer questions, test hypothesis, measure effectiveness, and test concepts with these offerings:



(Mobile Communities)


(Adhoc Surveys)


(Promotion testing)


(Mobile Monitoring)



Surveys Delivered