Bundled Solutions


Hear = report showing the time and location of panelist exposure to your TV or radio ad
See = See the app usage, website visits, and search terms before, during, and/or after exposure
Complete category knowledge = hear & see for all your ads & 5 competitors’ ads for 12 months


Individual Services



Reporting of the app usage, install and uninstall, website visit and duration, web search terms, and video streaming activity of any segment of Happi users over any period of time.


Reporting of the TV and radio ad exposure of any segment of Happi users over any period of time

Just Ask

Adhoc, daily, or regularly scheduled surveys to obtain quick consumer feedback, build communities, identify trends, and/or track changes in perception, sentiment or preferences

Show & Ask

Panelists first see or hear an image, video, 3D rendering or audio clip and respond to questions about the media they just saw. Used for ad testing, A/B testing, ad recall and attribution testing, design testing, concept testing and  promotion testing


Through the use of links, promotions and coupons, Happi enables our users to get deals and make purchases of items aligned with the preferences and desires they indicate in their survey responses or by their mobile behavior.



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