Happi enables advertisers to know…

…the time & frequency of hearings of their selected TV & radio ads by their selected panel over their selected period,


where those people were exactly when they heard the ads,


And what they were doing on their phone before, during and after they heard the ad

What apps they were using when they heard the ads or any time period

What websites they visited during
or after the ad or any time period


And even what Google searches they did during or after the
ad or any time period.


Surveying people after they hear an ad measures what they understood and how they felt about the ad


  • Ask people confirmed to have heard ads anything

  • Cross tab by any criteria

  • Send promotions, coupons or invitations to specific responders

  • Study attitude change by surveying the same people over time


  • Measure Comprehension, Likability, Emotion, Memorability, and Intention generated by each ad

  • Compare that performance to a benchmark of your own ads, your competitor’s ads, or all ads in any vertical or geographic market



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