Happi Pte Ltd is a Singapore based developer and operator of consumer insight and engagement technology with the mission of making market research a happy experience for clients, participants and the communities in which our participants live. Happi enables clients to understand their next billion consumers with speed, precision, ease and efficiency. Happi generously compensates consumers in emerging markets for participating in transparent and ethical market research. Happi enables users to donate to community groups and charities of their choosing without spending money and at no cost to the recipient groups. In short, on Happi, Everyone Wins.

Happi focuses on Emerging Consumers, who will determine which brands thrive and survive just as the babyboomers did.

Emerging Consumers are young people, often supporting both their own children and parents, while sprinting up the pyramid in countries with young populations and rapidly growing economies. They are small business owners, farmers, laborers, office workers, and students. They are both parents and care-givers. They are also glued to their phones. Their rapidly changing needs, attitudes, and preferences will drive the direction of consumption in all markets. They speak different languages, consume different media, but they have two common needs: mobile data and micro-finance. So, these are the primary incentives Happi gives its participants.

Happi enables brands to observe and engage with Emerging Consumers where they live – on their mobile phones. From mobile optimized surveys to eye tracking, gesture analysis, audio content recognition and passive metering, Happi leverages best of breed mobile technology on the backend with an Emerging Consumer-friendly and highly rewarding mobile app on the front-end.

Emerging Consumers engage with Happi’s studies and missions because Happi is transparent and generous with each participant and because we chunk it down to mobile-only and life-on-the-go interactions in local language and with immediate rewards.

Clients engage with Happi because Happi makes what is normally difficult, time-consuming and expensive very easy, fast and affordable. Whether it is an ad measurement in Dhaka, an automated voice surveys to mothers in rural India, or a m-commerce study of mobile streamers in Jakarta, Happi recruits the panel, executes the study, and delivers the report for one fixed-fee at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional approaches.