AdPulse: Measure and Benchmark Ad Recall, Attribution and Persuasiveness

Fast, inexpensive, easy, repeatable mid-campaign ad measurement, benchmarking & lookalike audience creation service.

Media measured:

TV, Radio, Digital, Newspaper, Magazine

Measurement interval:

Day 7, Day 14 and Day 21 of new ad release


Survey 200 people per city with 5 questions about recall, brand attribution, purchase intent, and ad influence


Dashboard report enabling easy filtering and benchmark comparison.


IDs of any segment of responders to create look-alike audiences for new ad testing.


Clients may request ads to be included in AdPulse by submitting ad media and launch date.


$200 per report & $1 per mobile ID

AdPulse: reports that measure and benchmark TV, radio, digital, print and OOH ads by recall, attribution, intent to buy, and impact by surveying 200 people per city on the 7th, 14th, and 21st day of a new ad release. AdPulse reports cost just US$200.

The Happi Index Score is a formula-driven standard measurement of ad effectiveness across media and geographies. The score is determined by recall percentage, correct attribution percentage, positive intent to buy percentage, and the consumer’s assessment of the ad’s impact on their intent to buy with positive weightings for ads regarding products new to the consumer

This radar graph benchmarks a single ad’s performance versus any other ad or cohort of ads.This shows in one glance the effectiveness of media reach, the memorability of the ad content, and the impact of the ad content both individually and compared to any group of ads from competitors, agencies, or previous ads

These charts show how an ad’s recall, attribution, intent to buy, purchase experience, and ad inf luence trends over day 7, 14 and 21 from the ad’s day of release. The top chart shows the performance trend of the primary ad. The bottom chart shows the performance trend of the cohort of benchmarking ads

Results are shown with location, gender and age distributions. Selecting any of these variables enables the viewer to see the performance of each ad from just that cohort of responder