Happi enables marketers, politicians, and the agencies and consultants who serve them to measure the exposure
of radio, TV and digital advertisements with tremendous precision. Happi documents the time and location of the ad
exposure and then surveys those exposed to the ad to measure recall, attribution, comprehension, likability, emotional response, memorability, and intention to buy or vote.


Happi enables politicians, political parties, and the agencies and consultants who serve them to create segments of
voters by demographic, geographic, psychometric, lifestyle, and/or political beliefs for purposes including ad pre/post
testing, awareness and beliefs, sentiment trending, ad exposure, likeliness to vote, and likeliness to influence others.


Happi enables quantitative and qualitative research to complete text, media-enhanced, and video surveys segmenting
by any profile criteria including mobile behavior (web visits, app usage, web searches, video streaming, etc).
Ad hoc pulse surveys, dail diaries, trackers, and mobile community management are all available. Happi can also be used
to recruit, screen, and guide people to focus groups and other studies.


Happi enables product designers to show beautiful 3D images of their products, interiors or environments to precisely
selected consumers who can manipulate the image, see it from 360 degrees, zoom in/out, and see an environment from
the inside out. This enables rapid and precise feedback which can compress design cycles and help with decision making
at each stage. In addition to offering feedback, consumers can tap to purchase or request a coupon for the item.