Distribute your coupons to deeply profiled consumers, see when they use the coupon, and survey those who used it, those who didn’t, and those who selected other coupons instead of yours.

Distribution method:

Happi targets your coupons to users of specific profiles. Users buy the coupons with the Smiles they earned by taking surveys, so there is meaning in the coupons they select and a high intent to use.


The coupons are delivered to the Happi app with a “Redeem” button on the bottom of the coupon. In a retail scenario, the user shows the coupon on their phone at your store and the clerk taps on “Redeem” if you want to prevent the user from using it twice.


Happi can target survey questions to people who have 1) received the coupon but not used it, 2) used the coupon, 3) selected another coupon.


Coupon distribution is free. Standard rates apply for surveying.

Do you pay to have coupons distributed blindly and then have no way to ask people who did or did not use the coupon why or why not? Happi can do better. Happi will make your coupons available to our users free of charge. The user selects the coupon, sees the detail, requests it, and the coupon then appears in the My Coupons section of the app. They show the coupon at the register of your store, where the clerk simply taps on the “Redeem” button on the coupon to ensure it is only used once and we know when it was used. We can then survey people who used the coupon, people who took the coupon but didn’t use it, or people who selected other coupons but not yours. The coupon distribution is free. Surveying is provided at standard rates.

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