What can hundreds of thousands of consumers across emerging markets do for your business?

Happi can recruit participants of any profile from our massive user base to participate in crowdsourcing missions.

Examples of missions include store shelve picture taking, hotel or restaurant queue picture taking, bathroom cleanliness audits, pothole / street signage damage pictures, event attendance, new store/restaurant visits, and anything else you can imagine.

Each crowdsourcing project is unique, custom, and quoted separately. To request a quote, please fill in the form at the HappiStore, here

CrowdSourcing missions are limited only by our imagination, but usually involve picture taking, mystery shopping, or assembling at a certain place or time.

Want to see how your products are displayed on a specific retailers shelves nationwide? Happi can organize the picture taking across any country on any day/week or continuously.

Want visual estimations of queue length, restroom cleanliness, store / building condition, or municipal repair requirements (road sign, potholes, escalators, etc)? Our Happinions will photo-audit the exact time/location you wish or look out for the conditions you specify.

Opening a new store or restaurant and want it to be super-crowded to create buzz? You tell us when, where, how many, what age/gender, and we will fill your venue with enthusiastic presence.

Please fill in the form below to define your interests. If we think we can meet your objectives, we will contact you to discuss further.

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