Happi Call

HappiCall is an intelligent voice survey automation platform which can engage with people on any voice device from a landline to a feature phone to a smart phone to an IoT device like Alexa. It supports both natural human voice recorded prompts and text to speech with translation from English to 120 languages. It records, transcribes and translates responses. It’s keyword functionality enables intra-call skip logic, sentiment analysis, closed-ended question response tally, and live agent transfer. Surveys can be initiated via outbound calls, inbound (toll and tollfree in most countries) or call-back.

The HappiCall brochure is available for download here

HappiCall Benefits HappiCall Challenges
Can call any phone number Audio only. No video or image stimuli
Nothing to install, no tech or literacy restrictions More expensive
Voice response enables better qualitative data
Enables post-survey transfer to live person
Post survey personalized SMS

HappiCall is powered by True Reply, Inc.