PassiveBus: The power of passive metering, the efficiency of an omnibus

Syndication of consumer mobile metering data from an always-on panel.


App usage, web visits, terms searched, shopping app & mobile wallet usage, Social media (including Instagram stories) viewed, and videos streams by the selected segment of consumers during the selected time period.


Raw text file and/or dashboard reports.


Mobile Advertiser ID (MAID) of participants segmented by mobile behavior for use in lookalike audience creation


US$10 per participant per week. Minimum 100 participants for 1 week. Dashboard report template access costs an additional $1000 per user. Custom dashboard development available and quoted separately.


Passive metering technology enables the collection of consumer mobile behavior data, including app usage, web visits, search terms, and media streaming. From which Instagram stories are viewed to what products are put into shopping carts, passive metering enables marketers to see consumers’ interests, preferences and desires.

Apps Usage

Web visits


Media streamed

Immediate , effortless and MUCH less expensive.

Obtaining this data is difficult and expensive. It requires passive metering technology, a willing panel of consumers, technical support to help panelists through the monitoring app installation and permission settings, funding and fulfillment of incentives to the panelists, reporting and possibly survey technology to ask people about their mobile behavior and purchases. These financial and technical hurdles are too high for most marketers. The Happi PassiveBus removes these hurdles and enables marketers of all sizes to subscribe to the same dataset, so each subscriber can get the data they want immediately, effortlessly and at pennies to the dollar of the cost of doing it themselves.

Custom vs Syndicated

Ethical & brand-safe

Happi does not steal data from consumers. We buy it. Happi recruits consumers who consciously and willingly enable Happi to monitor their mobile behavior in exchange for generous rewards. Depending on the consumer and the duration of monitoring, the reward could be enough to get a month of mobile data or enough to feed a family. Happi can afford to be so generous with panelists because of the syndication and the additional survey revenue opportunities the monitoring creates. The generosity of the rewards also enables Happi to enjoy high compliance from panelists. Passive metering technology impacts phone performance and battery life. The data uploads can be costly if not on WIFI. Passive metering is, by definition, highly intrusive. So, panel recruitment is difficult and retention even harder. Happi’s compensation levels are high enough that consumers eagerly participate. The consumer is fully aware and consciously participates, but doesn’t know which brands study their data. Happi does not incentivize any specific behavior so clients see natural behavior.


Clients can subscribe to the PassiveBus with extreme granularity and flexibility. Minimum units are 100 panelists for one week. Each PassiveBus focuses on consumers in different countries and with a broad age distribution and roughly even gender split. Clients can select the number of panelists and demographic composition. Orders for existing PassiveBus data are fulfilled on the day of payment. Clients can also place advance orders for PassiveBus data covering countries, time periods, panel size and monitoring durations. Minimum purchase level for PassiveBus that doesn’t yet exist is 500 panelists for one week.


For data delivered in raw text files: US$10 per participant per week / $30 per month. Minimum 100 participants. For data delivered via reporting dashboard with report customization addition charge of US$1000 applies.

PassiveBus is the omnibus of passive meter through which clients enjoy the awesome insights of passive metering and the precision of Audio Content Recognition triggered advertising exposure detection with the efficiency of splitting the costs amongst multiple clients. Happi keeps the prices low by offering PassiveBus’s only when we have a minimum of 3 clients investing in the same dataset. Please fill in the form below to define your interests, and we will contact you if we have at least two other clients interested in the same consumer segment and time period. For more information, see this page (link to the PassiveBus page).

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