Get feedback from selected consumers who have tried your product

Getting the right consumers to try your new product is hard enough, getting structured feedback from those consumers is the holy grail of activation. We deliver the holy grail.

Clients can select the exact consumer sample they wish to target, deliver any usage instruction necessary to the participants, and ask any survey questions (text, audio or video) of participants after product usage.

Due to differences in sample logistics and usage explanation requirements, each project is unique and quoted separately

Instead of giving product samples away blindly on streets or in/near stores and getting no feedback, Happi enables clients to be more precise and to get feedback after usage. You tell us the profile and number of people you want to sample your product. We find those people in our database and ask them if they would be willing to sample and give feedback for specific compensation. Depending on the item and volume, we can then arrange for home delivery organize pick-up locations and times. We document which people took what samples on what day and survey them a specified period of time after to ask for their feedback.

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