Happi offers services ranging from simple mobile surveys to cutting edge eye tracking. Each productized service offering can be used in combinations to meet each client’s unique requirements. Our service offerings are:

See & Hear
SADD (Stand Against Distracted Driving)

Advanced options like eye-tracking, facial coding, emotional analysis, video survey response, ad impact benchmarking and 3D image display can be added to the standard offerings.



Mobile micro survey service combining the survey programming & execution, panel, and reporting. Precise, fast, & cost-effective surveys enabling single select, multiple choice, and open-ended questions, multimedia content presentation, video response recording options, advanced skip logic, and off-app event and/or study invitation capabilities.


Define survey via Google Sheet 



Review on App before launch



Get results  



See & Hear


Reports showing mobileactivity of panelists and confirmation of when/where their phone mic picked up the audio of ads.


See # of panelists who heard ad at specific times



See exactly where they were when they heard it



See exactly what apps, sites, searches and shopping they did on their phone before, during and after ad exposure



  Rate apps, sites, influencers, blogs and search terms amongst your panelists



See the m-commerce browse & purchase activity, “view to wallet” journeys, and specific promotion effectiveness of any shopping app or website.



See, Hear & Ask


Just combine See & Hear with Ask to integrate survey questions to people selected by the ads they heard or mobile activity detected. You can then filter and cross-tab by people who saw the ads at specific times of day, locations, and even if they were “second-screening” (actively using their phone during ad exposure time. You can then benchmark both media effectiveness and ad impact across any group of ads: your own ads, all ads in a competitive cluster, or all ads aired at specific times.


Do you remember seeing this ad? Do you know what brand it was from?



How did it make you feel? Benchmark this against any other ads. Your ads, competitor ads, are all ads from the same evening broadcast.






Test an unlimited number of promotions with panelists selected by ad hearing, survey response, mobile behavior, or any other criteria. The promotions can be used in retail scenarios by showing the coupon on the phone or in m-commerce scenarios by coupon code or even having the item added to a shopping cart via one tap.



Use Happi for workforce engagement surveying covering availability, satisfaction, preferences, and salary expectations. Can be used for large internal employee populations or agency-registered contractors. Follow-on questions, interview invitations, and job offers can be sent via Happi to people qualified users.



Stand Against Distracted Driving by seeing daily updated reports of which fleet driver phones were actively used for what purpose, while moving at what speeds, at what times and locations. Specific apps, like mapping and delivery apps, can be excluded from violation reports. Driver can enable “privacy mode” outside of work driving hours.  For a few dollars per phone per month, fleet operators can proactively ensure compliance with distracted driving policies to save lives, prevent accidents, lower insurance rates, and provide employees, unions, insurers and authorities the company’s objective and proactive compliance enforcement.


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