Fast, inexpensive, easy, repeatable mid-campaign ad measurement, benchmarking & syndicated reports.


Syndication of consumer mobile metering data from an always-on panel.

View to Wallet

Maps the consumer “View to Wallet” journey from when they hear your or your competitors’ advertisements to what they do on their phone before, during and after ad exposure to what products they ultimately buy either online or offline.

Custom Studies

Happi can apply all its technologies, expertise, and local community group partner assistance to deliver bespoke research projects. Here are some examples of custom projects Happi can deliver.


Happi can recruit participants of any profile from our massive user base to participate in crowdsourcing missions.

Product Sampling

Getting the right consumers to try your new product is hard enough, getting structured feedback from those consumers is the holy grail of activation. We deliver the holy grail.


Distribute your coupons to deeply profiled consumers, see when they use the coupon, and survey those who used it, those who didn’t, and those who selected other coupons instead of yours.


HappiCall is an intelligent voice survey automation platform which can engage with people on any voice device from a landline to a feature phone to a smart phone to an IoT device like Alexa. It supports both natural human voice recorded prompts and text to speech with translation from English to 120 languages.