“View to Wallet” Service Overview

Happi’s View To Wallet (V2W) service enables clients to

  1. See and compare the reach of their current TV, radio and digital ads compared to any competitor’s ads
  2. See exactly what people do on their phones before, during and after ad exposure
  3. See pictures of the products in that category they purchased throughout the month. Both online & offline purchases
  4. Survey them at any time during the study based on profile, mobile behavior, or location
  5. Test promotions with people based on profile, mobile behavior, purchase behavior, survey response, or location

Deliverables include:

  1. Dashboard reports showing the time/location of ad hearings by people and/or percentage of panel
  2. Dashboard report showing all apps used, websites visited, media streamed and terms searched during the study
  3. Dashboard report showing “second screening” activity – exactly what consumers were doing on their phone while your ad was playing
  4. Dashboard report showing all survey results with advanced analytics capabilities. Data also provided in Excel, PowerPoint and SPSS
  5. Raw data for all dashboard report.



Sample: 250 people of any split between gender and 18-45 age
Duration: 1 month
Assumes 20 questions/promotions per panelist and 1 reporting dashboard viewer license

The Panel: Recruited and profiled to specification

See the number or percentage of panelists who heard which ad and when

See where they were when they heard your ad

Adjusts to scale with color representing number of hits Can view by ad, demographic, survey response or any other criteria

See % of Second Screening by Ad

Second screening is defined as a consumer actively using their phone while the mic is hearing an ad soundtrack play. Identifying distracted and non-distracted ad hearings enables attribution measurement filtering to answer the question “in the age of second-screening, how many times must a consumer be exposed to an ad to remember it correctly?”

See what they were doing on their phone when your ad played

Customizable reports showing what consumers do on their phones when their mic hears selected ads.

Custom feeds can show not just what apps people use, but exactly what they do on those apps.

See what they do on their phone all month long

Ask any question or send any promotion to any segment at any time

See results as they come in with a simple real-time dashboard

Do deep dive with industry leading survey analysis tool. One click saving to PPT, Excel, and/or SPSS

See pics of the products they actually buy during the month

Image management capabilities include OCR, sort/search by product name, dimension standardizing, meta data search, time, date and location stamping, compression, storage, format conversion, individual, bulk or API download

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